What is the point of paddleboarding?

What is the point of paddleboarding

Are you ready to experience something new and exciting? Paddleboarding is making big waves on the water sports scene – and could be something you’d love to try.

Maybe you’ve recently seen a few people at your local beach trying this sport and are thinking, ‘what is the point of paddleboarding?’

Well, not only is it very fun, it’s the perfect combination between mental relaxation and a full-body workout – and great for anyone, both young and old, to do!

Here are five reasons why paddleboarding has become such a popular sport.

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Fun for the whole family

Paddleboarding is, first and foremost, fun to do. Few things in life capture the combination of physical exercise and relaxation this sport will bring you. And it does so without being very demanding – which makes it perfect for everyone, young and old!

Whether you want to go out to the water alone or bring the whole family with you, you can. That makes it a great activity for young families with little kids or a big family with people of all ages.

At the same time, almost everyone can paddleboard early on. Most people will be out and about paddling along before their first lesson is over. It’s perfect for people who are not into sports – and athletic folks as well!

Adds adventure into your life – without asking for much!

This new sport is perfect for outdoorsy people looking for a change of pace in their adventures. Sure, going to the park or a garden sounds like a great idea – but there’s something special about wandering on open water!

The blue vastness of the ocean will change the way you see things as you paddle along. The board beneath you will gently rock you away as you use your body to move forward – and feel how a sense of calmness washes over you.

And, of course, you get to explore new things! You can paddleboard to new places and see old spots from a new perspective. It’s a unique experience – and not very exhausting to do.

Helps you meet like-minded people

Paddleboarding attracts a unique group of people. It’s an activity for easy-going folk who like to think outside the box. Some of them are into sports and others not so much – but they are all willing to try something new!

The great thing about that is you may meet someone just like you – and end up with a paddleboarding pal. That’s a pretty particular way of starting a friendship or, perhaps, something more than that.

Plenty of people ditch the usual dinner and a movie and move straight into more beautiful ways of bonding. Going out to paddleboard on the sea sounds like a fun way to cement things with your significant other!

Full-body workout – great for fitness

Don’t let the gentle, easy-going nature of paddleboarding fool you. We’re talking about a full-body workout here! It will help you tone every muscle in your body – from the legs to your back and everything in between.

Although this sport is not high-intensity, it’s somewhat demanding – without feeling like it. You can paddleboard for a long time without feeling exhausted. And you won’t feel tired right after, but it’ll help you sleep better at night.

You’re using your entire body to do this! Because of that, one hour of paddleboarding will help you burn anywhere between 300 and 400 calories. That’s almost an entire meal. It’s a fun way to stay in shape.

Calms and soothes the mind

There’s something amazing about paddleboarding. It’s repetitive without becoming mind-numbing and silent yet soothing. For many people, it’s almost like meditation. You get to go out to the crystal-clear sea to clear your mind – and get a workout in as you do!

That way, paddleboarding becomes double-trouble for your modern problems. We’re all a little stressed out because of our work and have a hard time burning energy in our office jobs.

Paddleboarding is the perfect combination between mental relaxation and physical movement that’ll help you leave your issues behind you – and get you ready to deal with anything when you’re back on the shore.

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