Wetsuit Changing Mats – The Best Reviewed (2024)

Best Wetsuit Changing Mats

We all love our wetsuits, they keep us warm and protected when doing our beloved watersports. However, there is one universal problem we all face…the struggle when we change out of them! Sand, mud or small stones get inside when changing on the beach and damage can happen when changing on the concrete. Not to mention the mess it makes in the car…That’s why you need a wetsuit changing mat.

Whether you are looking for the best wetsuit changing mat yourself, or a gift for a paddle boarder, surfing or swimming friend, we’ve got you covered with reviews and links to some of the best ones on the market.

We have reviewed 9 different surf wetsuit changing mats. They are reviewed in no particular order, feature pros and cons, but choosing a mat is mostly about what one you like the look of and your budget.

Reviews of the best wetsuit changing mats in the UK

Frostfire Moonbag

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Frostfire Moonbag Wetsuit Changing Mat

The Frostfire Moonbag is a 100% waterproof changing mat and bag that has a nice size of approximately 94 cm in diameter. Fairly priced, it’s a strong mat that makes life easier with easy drawstrings and solid carry handles.

Like a good changing mat, it allows you to keep your wetsuit or wet clothes from elements like sand and dirt. Just open it up, stand on it, discard your clothes onto it, and pull the drawstring to seal it all in. It works great for adults and kids. And when it is not in use, it can fold into a small unobtrusive item you can store anywhere.

As far as materials and looks? The Frostfire Moonbag is pretty simple with its black colour and circular design. It is lightweight yet strong enough to do what it’s designed to do. It also dries really fast.

The company claims it to be the original waterproof changing mat, invented in 1998 and this was the first changing mat I owned, way back in 2005. That one has long gone but it lasted a good few years and saved my car from a lot of salty seawater.


  • Waterproof
  • Large
  • Lightweight


  • No side pocket
  • No floor pad
  • Small carry handles

Northcore Waterproof Surf Changing Mat

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Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat

Priced a little lower than the Frostfire, the Northcore Waterproof Changing Mat is another option with built-in carry handles. This mat is spacious enough to fit an adult wetsuit, boots, gloves, and a little more. You can quickly and conveniently unfold it anywhere you need, avoiding rough car parks or muddy ground that can taint your wetsuit.

Whether you have a wetsuit or just wet clothes, the Northcore Mat has drawstrings so you can contain and isolate whenever you need to. It will not leak when you place it in your car either.

Having 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, customers are saying things like, “it has a nice rim to keep the sand out”, “fantastic for changing on sandy or stony beaches”, and “it’s very robust and can handle getting chucked around.” Being black in colour, sporting a Northcore Logo on the front, and having a shiny place for your feet, this mat seems to be a nice choice without spending too much.


  • Accentuated rim
  • Moderate price
  • Looks high quality


  • Stiff material
  • Slippery when wet

Osprey Wetsuit Changing Mat

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Osprey Wetsuit Changing Mat

Osprey claims to be the leading skate and surf brand in the UK. Their website offers a variety of water sports accessories that just look amazing.

The Osprey Wetsuit Changing Mat is moderately priced and is a durable waterproof mat that turns into a useful bag with handles. It does the job by separating your wetsuit from your other gear and prevents that wretched sand from making its way in.

With a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, their customers are extremely happy with the product. They specifically like the compactness, the convenience, and that it comes as a free gift when you purchase certain items from their website.


  • Overall great quality and usability
  • Small rim that adds protection
  • The company has been in business for over 20 years
  • UK based support


  • I don’t see any

Dawitrly Waterproof Surf Change Mats

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Dawitrly Wetsuit Changing Mat

The Dawitrly immediately shines with its 10cm protective rim! Like a good working changing mat, it stores easily, unfolds quickly, has drawstrings, and carry handles. Similar to the Cuticate mat, this one has a detachable shoulder strap as well as an internal pocket for your keys, jewellery, or whatever.

Having a 4.5 out of 5-star review on Amazon, customers are enjoying this mat. Some positive comments on the easiness of cleaning the sand and dirt. Others mention how versatile and waterproof it is. One of the few negative comments says that it is good for light use but not for serious watersports.


  • Multiple ways to carry
  • High protective rim and a hidden pocket
  • Multiple colour options


  • If not placed properly when transporting, it may leak
  • Smaller in size at 68 cm in diameter

Ocean & Earth High n Dry Collapsible Wetsuit Bucket

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Ocean & Earth High n Dry Wetsuit Bucket

If you are looking for the top-of-the-line changing mat, this could be it.

The Ocean & Earth High n Dry Collapsible Wetsuit Bucket is for the professional watersports person. The design makes it nearly impossible for your wetsuit to touch the sand. With a diameter of 46cm and a height of 38cm, this changing bucket is waterproof, tough, and collapsible for easy storage.

A very interesting EXTRA the company advertises is that it can double as a pop-up ice cooler! I’m not sure I would want my food and drinks where my feet were, but hey, it does make it versatile.

The bottom of the bucket is lined with a 55mm thick cell from and at the top are adjustable webbed shoulder straps. All perfect for keeping your wetsuit clean. If I was able to surf every day, this would be something I would be purchasing for sure.


  • Extra wetsuit protection
  • Collapsible
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Multi-use – Can be used as a pop-up ice cooler
  • Raised bottom helps separate water from your wetsuit, drying it faster


  • Higher price
  • Bulky

Surflogic Neoprene Changing Mat

From £24 – View on Surflogic >

Surflogic Changing Mat

The Surflogic Neoprene Mat is a simple way to protect your wetsuit and your feet from the elements. With its minimalistic design, this mat measures 100x90cm and is black in colour. It is made of waterproof neoprene and rolls up quite thin, with two straps to secure it.

Although there are no reviews on their website, it looks like it will get the job done. And as long as you don’t need it to turn into a bag, this might be the wetsuit changing mat for you. If you’re looking for a simple and effective mat, consider giving this one a try.


  • Minimalistic clean design
  • Easy return and solid warranty section


  • Does not turn into a bag for your wetsuit

Decathlon Swimming Floor Mat

£4.99 – View on Decathlon >

Decathlon Changing Mat

Inexpensive and innovative, the Decathlon Floor Mat is perfect for separating you from the floor while changing. More geared towards swimmers to use in the changing rooms, it can also work for a wetsuit changing mat.

It features a foldable design in navy blue, with outer colour options of pink, orange, and green. It is easy to fit in your bag and easy to clean due to the grooved underside. This is good for adults and the kids will love its fun design.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive at just under £5
  • Grooved underside
  • They offer email with a 24 hour response time and a WhatsApp phone number that responds within 1 hour
  • 2-year warranty


  • Does not turn into a waterproof bag
  • Is not specifically designed for wetsuit changing

Thus far, we have discussed how wetsuit changing mats can save you from getting unwanted sand or dirt inside your wetsuit. We highlighted that it also protects your wetsuit from harsh concrete or rough grounds. Wetsuits are expensive and we all can take care of them by using a changing mat.

If you are new to watersports and wetsuits, you learned how to use these mats to your advantage: open it open, stand on it, change out of your wetsuit, close up the mat around it, and pack it in the car without leaking water everywhere.

It is clear that changing mats come in all different shapes and sizes; circles, squares, and even rectangles. A multitude of materials can be used but the most important thing is really the durability of a mat. Some mats are simple and some mats are more exotic like the grass turf ones. Each has its own flare or lack thereof…

Which one called out to you?

Finding the best wetsuit changing mat for you all depends on your specific needs. What types of terrain will you be changing on most often? Do you need an extra lightweight one for the changing room at your gym? Are you a surfer, windsurfer, paddleboarder, or an all-around water athlete?

Whichever you are, we understand the importance of keeping your precious wetsuit clean. We have found that a wetsuit changing mat is the most effective way to do so. It is an advantageous water accessory that enhances any water experience and takes out the aggravation of a sandy wetsuit.

What is a wetsuit changing mat and what is it good for?

A wetsuit changing mat is a portable mat that you stand on when changing out of your wetsuit. It acts as a barrier between you and the elements like sand and concrete, protecting your expensive wetsuit. This wonderful tool saves you time and the hassle of cleaning the sand out of your wetsuit. It also saves you money! It prevents damages and prevents the need of replacing your wetsuit.

How to use a wetsuit changing mat:

  1. Shake the mat out to rid of any debris.
  2. Spread the mat on the ground.
  3. Stand in the middle of the mat and change out of your wetsuit or any clothes you don’t want sand/dirt on.
  4. Leave your wetsuit on the mat and close the mat around it using its drawstrings or velcro.
  5. Put your protected wetsuit inside your car, and drive away, carefree.

How NOT to use a wetsuit changing mat:

  • DO NOT leave your wetsuit inside the mat for elongated periods (it can create an unpleasant odor)
  • DO NOT lay it out until you are ready to use it, or else unwanted debris will find its way in.
  • DO NOT let your dog lay on it.
  • DO NOT leave it in a wet ball for long periods. Allow it to dry before storing.
  • DO NOT throw it like a frisbee at your friend 🙂

What to look for in a wetsuit changing mat

DURABILITY is key. Look for mats with quality materials such as; heavy-duty polyester, synthetic turf (for grass versions), PVC poly fabrics, and rip-stop nylon.

Velcro or drawstrings are both great features for securing a wetsuit once inside the changing mat. But I recommend to AVOID wetsuit changing mats with zippers! They can corrode and become a nuisance.

Are you looking for a cool looking mat or just a simple functioning one? There are many different styles to choose from.

And finally, we must consider the price. The expensive mats lean toward £40 and the less expensive ones lean around £5. All around good ones can be found around the middle area at £20. What’s your budget?

Watersports are invigorating and always fun until you need to change out of your wetsuit on a sandy beach or a dirty street without a changing mat…when you are tired after a day in the water the last thing you want to think about is keeping your wetsuit clean. We have all been there.

There is nothing more annoying than the reality of putting a wetsuit or wet clothes into your car without a bag. Well, it might be more annoying if you leave it there overnight and the next morning your car stinks! Avoid bringing dirty sandy feet into your car and so much more by getting the best wetsuit changing mat for you. It is a real game-changer.

So, if you’re a watersports addict or a watersports newbie, please keep it clean (your wetsuit) easily with a wetsuit changing mat that gives you what you need–a stress-free way to finish your water activity strong.

Have fun in the water and happy changing!

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Now based on the South Coast of England, he shares his experience and knowledge on watersportspro.co.uk.

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