Tidal Rave 10’6 Paddleboard Review

Tidal Rave Paddleboard Review

In the vast and vibrant world of paddleboarding, the Tidal Rave 10’6″ stands out not just for its unique colour design but also for its affordability, especially for those venturing into paddleboarding for the first time. 

A product of a small, family-owned business based in Essex, Tidal Rave brings a refreshing energy to the SUP market with its bold designs and commitment to fun-filled group expeditions. 

The package that comes with the Tidal Rave is super generous, including a variety of accessories that enhance the paddleboarding experience without increasing the cost. Innovations like the Buddy Clip system showcase Tidal Rave’s commitment to enhancing social connections on the water. 

This review delves into the specifics of the Tidal Rave 10’6″ paddleboard, examining its suitability for beginners, its performance on the water, and the overall package offered, alongside a look into the ethos and offerings of Tidal Rave as a brand.

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Tidal Rave 10’6 Specs

  • Length: 320cm (10’6ft)
  • Width: 81.3cm (32in”)
  • Height: 15cm (6in”)
  • Max User Capacity: 170kg
  • Volume Capacity: 290L
  • Board Weight: 10.2KG
  • PSI: 15
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Who is the board for?

The Tidal Rave 10’6″ is ideal for those desiring a distinctive and colourful design without overspending on their first paddleboard. 

The Tidal Rave 10’6 comes in a complete package that is best suited for beginners. Unless you are well over 6ft or 18 stone (114 kgs), this board is the perfect size to get you going.

The board is most comfortable on flat waters like harbours, lakes, calm seas and slow-moving rivers, which are the conditions you should be going in if you are starting paddleboarding.

Tidal Rave Design

About Tidal Rave

Tidal Rave are a small family-owned business from Essex, with a bold offering for the SUP market. 

Some paddle board brands build vessels that promise to transport the user to a place of inner peace and serenity. 

Tidal Rave, on the other hand, are all about the party; promoting group expeditions and screaming fun with their unashamedly loud designs.  

The brand’s mission is to get as many people as possible safely out on the water, enjoying time with friends, family and perhaps making new connections with strangers who oggle the eye-catching board designs and exclaim ‘Where did you get that!?’. 

Promoting fitness through fun is one of Tidal Waves core values and judging by the impressive physiques of its founders, they live by their word. 

This brand is transparent about who they are and what they stand for. 

We love the fact that behind this brand are a bunch of real watersports addicts who care about sharing their lifestyle values with others. 

As well as selling unique paddle boards, Tidal Rave teaches SUP lessons through their aptly named ‘Rave School’.  

At Rave School, students will learn the proper techniques and safety essentials to get started in paddleboarding. But it’s the floating rave (complete with boombox and refreshments) that gets people hooked. 

Tidal Rave Paddleboard

Tidal Rave Acrylic 10’6 Infinity Reviewed

I tested the Tidal Rave Acrylic 10’6 on a beautiful, warm September day at high tide in Emsworth Harbour. There was hardly a breath of wind – the perfect paddleboarding conditions.

The board set-up was very easy where everything I needed (and more!) was in the bag ready for us to inflate and get paddleboarding. We’ll discuss what’s in the bad further into the review.

On the water

Walking to the water’s edge with the Rave in your hands you just know you’re going to have a  fun time! The board looks so different to anything else on the market that you can’t help but have an extra spring in your step as you jump on board.

The Rave Acrylic 10’6 has classic beginner board dimensions, making it ideal for your first paddleboard purchase. The length and width of a 10’6ft board tend to offer a good balance between stability and performance. This size is long enough to offer some glide through the water yet wide enough (32 inches) to provide a stable platform for first-time paddlers.

Longer boards, such as touring paddleboards, offer more speed and glide, but a 10’6ft board strikes a balance that still allows for relatively easy turning and manoeuvrability. This is particularly important for beginners who need to learn how to control the board and practice different ways of turning around. If you’ve already mastered the basics, you might have more fun on their 11’6 version which will offer better cruising potential. 

The Tidal Rave Acrylic 10’6 was easy to paddle and tracked well enough to go on mini adventures in calm conditions. If the board had excellent tracking (ability to glide in a straight line) it would not have the maneuverability needed to turn easily. 

From basic push turns to more advanced step back turns, the Rave Acrylic 10’6 will be great for a beginner to learn the techniques needed to improve. 

Stability is crucial for a beginner to have fun, but too much stability and progression will be limited. I found the Rave stable enough and it’ll be perfect for most users. If you’re over 6ft or feel very uneasy on the water, then their 11’6 will cater nicely for you

Tidal Rave suggests the 10’6 board can be for intermediates, but I think more experienced intermediate paddleboarders will generally want something with more top-end performance. 

Tidal Race Performance


The board looks well made and reinforced where it needs to be. For £299 I am not expecting advanced materials or a bulletproof construction, rather that the basics have been looked after and the finish is to a high enough standard. 

A classic giveaway of poor workmanship is seeing glue on the seams or an asymmetrical board. That’s right, I’ve tested a board that was so wonky the nose visibly curved to the left! This isn’t the case with the Rave where everything looks solid and well built.

Generally, I have concerns with black as a colour for watersports equipment which can easily overheat more than other colours. The Tidal Rave has completely black rails, which are a potential weak point, but their 2-year warranty gives me confidence they trust the construction.

Like most decent paddleboards, Rave’s inflatable boards are constructed using the drop stitch method, which has multiple benefits. 

Drop-stitch involves connecting the top and bottom layers of the paddleboard with thousands of fine threads, this allows the board to be inflated to high pressures, making it rigid and stable. 

The construction method used in drop-stitch also contributes to the overall durability of the inflatable paddleboard. These internal threads provide a uniform distribution of air pressure throughout the board, reducing the risk of bulging or deformation over time. This means the board can withstand more wear and tear, which generally helps extend its lifespan.

Buddy Clip

Buddy clip innovation

Before I get into the details of what’s included in the package, we’ve got to highlight the buddy clip. 

What an amazing idea! 

I’ve seen people attempt to raft up their paddle boards at sea many times in all sorts of creative, haphazard and downright chaotic ways.

The unique, innovative solution of the ‘Buddy Clip’ is so simple, it solves all our rafting afloat conundrums. 

Simply attach one end of the lightweight Buddy Clip onto a built-in eyelet on the side of your board and the other end to your buddy’s. Hey presto, you are united! 

There is no limit to how many boards can be rafted together in this system, as many buddies as you can muster!


I’m not sure I’ve seen a package with this much content for the price of the Tidal Rave.

With rising manufacturing and shipping costs, most brands have removed those extras we started to expect with paddleboard packages. In the past few years most have done away with a kayak seat as standard, but the Rave still includes this in their bag.

One thing I’d love to see is Rave offer a kayak conversion paddle kit, to go with the kayak strap, because using a paddleboard paddle can feel clumsy. 

The backpack the board comes with is much better than most other packages in this price range, with padding and straps that are akin to £500+ packages.

In the world of paddleboarding, a 10’6″ inflatable board is notably lightweight and manageable. Yet, for those of smaller stature or when faced with longer treks, transporting it can become challenging. The shoulder strap, designed to attach directly to the inflated board, offers a thoughtful and convenient solution.

With no screwdrivers required, the easy clip fins are a blessing, especially when you’ve got cold, wet hands. 

I’m also very impressed with the waterproof phone case and dry bag, which are both well-made and will help keep all your important stuff in one place when you’re at the beach.

The adjustable paddle, pump and leash are all good quality to get you on the water safely.

Tidal Rave Paddle

Rave School

It’s definitely worth giving a special shout-out to Tidal Rave’s very own ‘Rave School’. 

Tidal Rave distinguishes itself with its lively and loud designs, focusing on creating an enjoyable and social paddleboarding experience. 

This ethos is evident in their products and initiatives like the Rave School, which not only teaches SUP basics and safety but also hosts floating raves to engage the community. 

I think this shows that the brains behind the sexy paddleboard designs are genuine water sports enthusiasts. 

Too many companies now are having a stab at selling water sports equipment to make a quick buck, but lack genuine passion for the sport. But not these guys. 

For Tidal Rave, the passion came first and then the product. It shows in their innovative and thoughtful products and accessories.  

Is it worth buying?

Ready for something unique? Dive into the Tidal Rave experience.

With everything you get in the bag and the quality of contents, this is one of the best value beginner packages we’ve come across! 

If you’re starting out and want a board that looks totally different from anything else on the market, just click add to basket, breeze through checkout, and gear up for next-day delivery. 

Your summer of thrilling paddleboarding adventures starts now!

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Watersports Pro is managed by Ollie, who has been in the industry since 2007. A paddleboard and advanced windsurfing instructor, Ollie has travelled the world teaching these sports.

Now based on the South Coast of England, he shares his experience and knowledge on watersportspro.co.uk.

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