Saltrock Waterproof Changing Robe Review

Saltrock Waterproof Changing Robe

Waterproof changing robes have become a staple of any sea-lovers wardrobe. If you’re a surfer, swimmer, SUP-er or salty sea dog of any description, you’ve no doubt seen your fair share of robes being used at the beach over the past few years.

Waterproof changing robes have changed the game, extending summer evenings by the sea into cosy sessions that last long into the night. They also help us to get out there in less-than-ideal conditions. After a surf, I know I can slip my wetsuit off under a robe and my bare bod won’t get blasted by the wind, meaning I’m far more likely to say yes to a blustery January session.

Saltrock has recently released a new range of waterproof changing robes in several attention-grabbing designs. There’s one in particular I’ve been lusting after since the moment I saw it and I defy you not to feel the same, tie dye pink anyone?

Saltrock are one of those British brands I feel terribly nostalgic about; I’ve been wearing their casual surf wear since before I can remember. It takes me right back to great times spent in the west country, which is where the brand is based and the place that inspires their original designs.

Saltrock Changing Robe

Waterproof changing robes are a decent investment that you’ll want to take on adventures for many years to come. It’s important to make sure you’re spending your money in the right place and get the robe that’s right for you. Here are my thoughts on Saltrocks changing robe…

The fun and functional Saltrock changing robe

 This bold print can’t help but make you smile. The deep purple tones with splashes of soft pink give it inky sunrise vibes. I’m really pleased to see that this print is listed in women’s and menswear on the Saltrock website. Anyone can feel great wearing it.

When I wore this for the first-time last week for a swim in Chichester harbour, I got loads of nice comments from other swimmers about the unique design. I even got squeals of excitement from some of my more enthusiastic friends. I think I’ll have to keep a close eye on this one.

Saltrock Changing Robe Review


I’m 5’8 and have gone for the medium. The sleeves cover my hands nicely and it finishes well below the knee to keep the whole body and legs warm. It’s got a nice cut across the shoulders so although it’s long, I don’t feel like I’m completely drowning in it.

The zip starts slightly above the knee leaving a slit at the front when done up, which makes it easy to walk, hop, skip down the beach without tripping.

The sleeves are wide enough to tuck your arms into when changing and there is plenty of space on the body to wriggle around in. I particularly like tucking my knees up into it when sitting on the beach.


The outer shell seems super durable, made of tougher stuff than some rival brands. The shell is ‘ripstock’ fabric, which is a weaving technique that makes is less vulnerable to ripping and tearing.

At 3K waterproof rating, this is going to keep you good and dry in a light rain shower or protect you from salt spray if you’re cruising by the sea. It’s not going to repel a torrential downpour for long, but the waterproofing it has will also make it properly windproof, which I think is key. 

Saltrock Changing Robe Hood

Useful features

The external zips are good and chunky, with taped bungee zipper cords to make them really easy to grab hold of when changing in a hurry. All four pockets on the outside are fleece lined, giving you more than enough cosy spots for cold hands.

Inside is a smaller zip pocket. I find this feature valuable for keys and any jewellery I’ve forgotten to take off before diving in the sea.

The body of the garment is lined top to bottom and right the way through the hood in fluffy pink fleece which provides incredible warmth. A lighter, microfibre fleece lines the sleeves which is nice and soft against bare skin.

One feature this robe doesn’t come with its own stuff sack. Saltrock recommends using one of their dry bags, but you’d have to buy that separately.


£120 makes this robe competitive in the medium-priced robe market, though it has the features of a premium garment.  It’s cheaper than Dryrobe, making it a good Dryrobe alternative if you’re looking for a tough and durable robe to see you through many seasons of outdoor activities.

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