The Best Gifts For Surfers (2024)

Best Gifts For Surfers

If you have found your way to this blog post because you are searching for a gift idea for someone who is really into surfing, then welcome! 

We have collated the best gifts for surfers. They are perfect for anyone who loves the waves and I’m sure would be super grateful to receive any from this list. We’ve ordered the gifts from most expensive to least expensive. 

The list has opted to not include the most obvious gift, a surfboard, because I’m hoping you’ve already thought about that. In any case, the person you’re buying for probably already has a surfboard, so you are looking for ideas or inspiration other than that.

Some of these gifts are really cool and unique, while being practical, especially for surfers in the UK, so let’s get started…

What are good gifts for people who like to surf?

Surf watch

Our recommendation: Garmin Fenix
Price: From £469 – View on Garmin

Best Surf Watch

Watches these days do far more than simply tell the time. Fitness watches have never been more popular to accurately track your progress and share it with others. But surfing is a sport that has truly gone the extra mile when it comes to watches. 

For the past ten years, the surf industry has been working hard to develop these watches to not only be waterproof and tell the time, but also track how many waves were caught, top speed, number of rights vs lefts and more!

Some surf watches allow you to read moon phases and dawn/sunset times, with all this data online users to check the ocean conditions at that very moment in time for thousands of locations across the world. It essentially means that with one of these strapped to your wrist, they won’t be able to miss a session every again.

However be warned, buying a surf watch for someone is enabling them to endlessly talk to you about their session and prove how great they are with graphs and data.

Our recommendation would be the Garmin Fenix. Garmin is known to be reliable among surfers, and this watch uses advanced health monitoring such as 24/7 respiration checks, all day stress tracking, sleep scores and much more, to keep you on top of your surfing game.

Read our reviews for all the best watches for surfing

Waterproof camera

Our recommendation: GoPro 10
Check price on Amazon or GoPro

It’s safe to say that vanity is a healthy part of surfing. Not only do we want to catch incredible waves and feel the adrenaline rush that comes with that, but we want to capture this moment that may not come again in a long time, and share it to death with everyone we know!

Posting pictures and videos of your surfs on social media are easy ways to meet other surfers from the local area or further afield, and just like it is designed to, it brings like-minded people together to enjoy their hobbies with one another.

With a good waterproof camera, you open the door to really catch breath-taking moments in incredible scenery, making it the perfect gift for a surfer. Messing around in the waves trying to capture these also just adds another layer of fun to your day of surfing, and is a great way to connect to people who want some taken of them as well.

The GoPro is a household name when it comes to water sports cameras, and for good reason. They’re incredibly reliable, and personally having tried lots of cheaper brands, the quality is pretty much incomparable. When it comes to finding the right camera, you mostly want a decent battery life, good audio, video and picture quality, a reasonable warranty, and good storage. The GoPro is always a safe bet in fulfilling this criteria, and there isn’t any surfer out there who wouldn’t appreciate getting such a top brand gifted to them.

Balance board

Our recommendation: Revolution Balance
Check price on Amazon 

balance board surfer gift

Surfing is such a physically strenuous activity, and even when you’re not on the waves it helps to be really building your balance and strength as much as possible. 

Balance boards are a classic way to train muscles around the ankles and core, while improving posture and coordination, which are essential elements to improving your surfing. These boards are used all the time by physical therapists to prevent injuries and during rehabilitation, but you also would have a hard time finding a surf camp without one of these lying around somewhere.

There are countless types of different balance boards, but the rocker-roller boards most closely simulate the balance required for surfing. This one comes with 3 different levels of difficulty, making it great for all ages and abilities. With so many people still working from home, it seems silly to miss out on something like this that can improve your ability without even needing to leave the house!

A summer wetsuit

Our recommendation: Oneill Hyperfreak
Price: From £174.99 – View at Wetsuit Centre

O'Neill Wetsuit Review

If you are looking to buy someone a wetsuit as a surprise gift, it should be a summer wetsuit, as winter wetsuits need to be sized out properly and tried on in a shop. I’m not saying you don’t need to size up a summer wetsuit, however, are much easier to buy for other people because they are much more lightweight and tend to fit true to size a lot more often.

Even though the sun may be out and the water may be warmer, a wetsuit is still essential to protect your body from the sun while out on the water, so having one in your locker is always great. There might not be a more exciting part of the year than realising it’s time to bring out the summer wetsuit and put away the winter one, so buying one for someone means they will think of your gift and feel excited for the months to come.

If you’re looking to buy a wetsuit as a gift for a surfer, you won’t go wrong with the Oneill Hyperfreak. It’s the suit I use and is by far the most comfortable I’ve ever owned.

Board storage rack

Our recommendation: Northcore wooden floor surf rack
Price: From £59 – View on Northcore

Surf Storage Gift Idea

Maybe you’re buying this one as a (big) hint for the gift receiver to tidy up the garage.

Having too many surfboards to know what to do with is certainly a great problem to have. However, there are a lot of things to know when it comes to storing surfboards: boards should never be left in a car as the heat can permanently ruin its structure, nor should they be left on the hard floor, as this can cause pressure dings… it can become a bit of a minefield.

Storage racks with padded arms prevent this from happening, and allows surfboards the rest that they need without damaging them. A free-standing surf rack is often ideal because it involves no drilling into a wall. Just make sure to set it up in the shade, because leaving boards in the sun is a no-no.

Waterproof changing robe

Our recommendation: Gorilla Robes
Price: From £89.85 – View on Gorilla Robes

Gorilla Changing Robe

This is a super gift for any UK surfer, plus you can’t really get the size wrong so an easy one to buy.

Particularly during the colder seasons, and in places such as the famously drizzly UK, waterproof changing robes make an ideal gift for surfers. Sometimes knowing that you can wrap yourself up in it with a flask of hot chocolate after getting out of the water can be the small nudge that you needed to get in in the first place.

When it’s pouring down with rain, these hooded, waterproof robes make it easy to dry off in, while getting changed into dry clothes underneath. If you have your car nearby, it’s perfect to run down to the sea in with only your swim things underneath, therefore saving time getting changed on a freezing beach.

For great value, we like the Gorilla Robe, but there are loads available and it mostly depends on your budget. Have a read of our review of the best waterproof changing robes


Our recommendation: Sungod Renegades 
Price: From £80 – View on SunGod’s website

Gift for surfers - Sunglasses

A decent pair of sunglasses is really important to any surfer. Sunglasses are part of the whole surfer vibe, so they need to look great and be from a well-known brand.

When finding a pair, make sure that they have good UV protection, because when wearing sunglasses our pupils dilate to let more light in. Wearing a pair of sunglasses with proper UV protection means that the sun’s damaging rays don’t manage to harm our retinas.

Overall these are not just a great gift but a necessity for surfers who will spend a lot of time on the beach staring out into the ocean.

I really like Sungod’s because of the customisation options available, plus the lifetime guarantee is pretty cool. This brand is fully carbon neutral, so picking some up means easing guilt about hurting the planet as well as your eyes.

Wetsuit boots

Our recommendation: Van’s 3mm Split Toe
Price: From £74.95 – View at Wetsuit Centre

Vans wetsuit boots

Again, this gift is particularly necessary for us UK surfers, and any others who frequently have to force themselves into icier waters for 9 out of 12 months a year. 

Their first and more obvious use is to keep your feet warm, due to the fact that most wetsuits don’t cover the foot, which is generally not very insulated from fat anyway. This can really ruin a lot of the fun when you can’t take your mind off the idea that your feet might literally freeze and fall off. 

These boots are made out of the same neoprene fabric as wetsuits, and therefore do a great job at keeping your feet warm and insulated. For this type of cold weather, you would need a 3mm or 5mm thickness- the thicker your boots are, the warmer your feet will be. You may also hear surfers grumbling about having to wear boots, as many believe that it is harder to grip the board while wearing them. Split-toe boots are a good option, as they allow you to maintain more balance and control.

Even though they may look smaller than your usual outdoor shoes, go with a normal shoe size when selecting a pair, because they need to be tighter fitting. If you’re unsure what size to go for, head to a surf shop to try a couple on and ask for some advice in there too.

These Van’s booties look classy but not over the top, so should be a great present for any UK surfer. 

Thermal rash vest

Our recommendation: C-Skins hooded thermal rash vest
Price: From £74.99 – View on Anns Cottage or Wetsuit Centre

C-Skins Thermal Rash Vest

You’ll find a lot of the gifts for surfers on this list are about keeping warm in the cold UK winter months. The gift of surviving a cold winter session when the waves are pumping is something your gift receiver will always be thankful for. 

A thermal rash vest is designed to be worn underneath a wetsuit for added insulation and warmth. Normally at around 0.5-1mm thickness, the focus is to keep your core and internal organs warm. 

My parents gave me this C-Skins thermal rash vest a few years ago and I wear for every session during the winter months. This one comes with a hood too, so is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their head warm, plus I think the integrated hood helps stop cold water flushing through the wetsuit.

You can buy a thermal rash vest from any retailer like Anns Cottage or Wetsuit Centre

Surf poncho 

Our recommendation: Vivida poncho towel
Price: From £50 – View on Vivida

Vivida Surf Poncho

Another great way to get changed on the beach with ease would be a towelling poncho. 

These are perfect for surf holidays or any time that you aren’t in desperate need of the thermal option, as they are much lighter, and can just be thrown in a beach bag to bring with you. 

Surf ponchos with pockets are always the best, to hold your phone or keys, and sometimes you can be chilling in one for a while as you wait for other people to come back in from the sea. If you’re travelling, go with the microfibre option as it dries quicker, but all provide absolute peak comfort after surfing regardless.

There are a whole load of ponchos available to choose from and just go with the one you like the look of. Our recommendation is Vivida, because they make great quality gear and look great!

Dry bag

Our recommendation: Decathlon 60l dry bag
Price: From £49.99 – Buy from Decathlon

Decathlon Dry bag

Dry bags are highly useful for surfers in a variety of different ways. For keeping your damp clothes and wetsuits away from your car seats, sand out of valuable electric items, food sand-free and dry, and also just protecting your belongings from rain on the beach, dry bags are a great way to avoid hassle.

While many may be reading this and think that their current bag is surely waterproof enough, any bag that has not been specifically designed with water sports in mind does not tend to offer enough protection for surfers. Take my advice, you don’t want to underestimate the amount of water that this bag will come into contact with from your wet clothes, yourself, wave splashes and rain.

This dry bag from Decathlon is one of the biggest we could find which is perfect for a winter wetsuit or two, plus its great value. 


Our recommendation: Hurley Phantom
Price: From £49.95 – View at Ann’s Cottage

Hurley Boardshorts Surfing

So boardshorts aren’t for surfing in the UK, but they are a must-have for any surfer.

For surfers, boardshorts absolutely need to be lightweight, comfortable, and stretchy.

These requirements aren’t to be compromised on, which is why you may notice a slightly heftier price tag on board shorts compared to normal shorts. While these are the standard basic requirements, it can be great to have a zip pocket (to store things like car rental keys), and stretch fabric to free up your movements, which makes them a much better option than a wetsuit if the weather is warm enough. 

For any UK surfer, heading out in just boardshorts is an amazing feeling, because we are often restricted by tight and thick winter wetsuits. So when buying boardshorts, treat them to a decent pair like the Hurley Phantom’s.

Wetsuit changing mat

Our recommendation: Northcore Grass Mat
Price: From £44.99 – View on Northcore

Northcore Changing Mat - Gift for surfer

This gift is perfect for all surfers, especially those who don’t have the luxury of a van to get changed in.

Have you ever had to squeeze on leggings or jeans while your skin is still damp and your feet and legs are completely covered in sand? Then you look down and see that your damp wetsuit is now covered in sand too? It truly is an unpleasant experience and one that every surfer tries to avoid where possible once they’ve got out of the ocean. 

However, since a lot of beaches don’t have any changing facilities or toilets, it’s pretty much something to put up with and embrace the discomfort of. These changing mats are so useful for eliminating this experience; by having something comfortable and dry to stand on while getting changed, and placing your damp things on to as well. 

A wetsuit changing mat is a perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys surfing but can feel disheartened by the faff of getting from the sea back to the car afterwards.

Board Bag

Our recommendation: Ocean and Earth
Check price on Amazon

Board bag

Just because a surfer has a board, does not mean they have or own a board bag.

Board bags are expensive and quite often after we’ve spent hundreds of £££ on a new board, the last thing we want to do is spend even more on a board bag. Then of course we ding it after our first session trying to fit the board back into the car and cry on the drive home. A board bag would stop those tears and prevent the surfboard from any dents and hits when in transport or storage.

When buying a board bag, remember that surfboards come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to buy one that fits. The best thing to do is just ask the gift receiver what size board they have, then you can go ahead and buy the matching size board bag.

Ocean and Earth make pretty decent gear that doesn’t cost a bomb, so are a great shout for anyone who wants to buy a board bag as a present.


Our recommendation: Surfears Surf Ears 3.0
Check price on Amazon

Ear plugs gift for surfing

Surfer’s ear is a real problem that is not to be underestimated. 

The constant exposure to cold water and wind triggers a bodily defence mechanism, and lumps of bone begin to grow to protect your eardrum. It is nicknamed surfer’s ear for the high volume of surfers that are prone to it, though it can vary from person to person. Prevention is always better than cure, and wearing earplugs protects your ears from the harshness of the cold water and wind, while still allowing you to catch waves in any weather. 

The tricky thing with surfers earplugs is that your ears are literally the powerhouse of your centre of gravity, so you need to make sure that you have some specially designed to not affect your balance when surfing.

This set off Amazon is great for not interfering with balance, and comes with an adjustable cord so that they don’t get lost in the waves.

Strap on roof racks

Our recommendation: Northcore soft racks
Price: From £44 – View on Northcore

Northcore Soft Roof Rack

Back to Northcore again for another great surf gift idea. Along with just driving the beach in UK, they are a must if you are planning a surf trip and hiring a car.

As previously mentioned, you don’t really want to be leaving your surfboard in a car, especially on a really hot day or after a session when the board or board bag will no doubt be wet and sandy. 

Furthermore, it can be incredibly unsafe to have a board bouncing about, as well as damaging to your actual car itself. They really aren’t the most easily portable items in the world, so getting a good roof rack is definitely a good idea if you are frequently driving to the beach. If you think about it, it is well worth £55 to ensure that a much more expensive board or vehicle aren’t damaged.

This option from Northcore is a soft rack, which ensures that the surfboard does not scratch or damage your car’s roof. Just make sure that you travel with the fins facing upwards!

The Wave Bristol gift voucher

Price: £40 – Buy all gift vouchers at The Wave 

With the advent of artificial waves, you can now literally buy the gift of a guaranteed surf session.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who is trying to get into surfing, or can’t quite progress past the beginner’s level, a gift voucher for somewhere like The Wave is perfect. 

The best way to really learn to surf is to practise, practise practise, and being around trained instructors who can give expert advice is crucial to advance your surfing in the early stages.

The Wave isn’t just for beginners however, their pool has the ability to create waves for all levels of surfer, so you can almost be sure this gift will be perfect for all.

Surf bucket hat 

Our recommendation: Dakine Indo Surf Hat
Price: £39.95 – View on Dakine’s website

Dakine Indo Surf Hat

This gift can either be for surfing or just a super functional fashion accessory.

Not to put anyone off surfing – but we really are exposed to a lot of difficult conditions out there! 

I have very often made the mistake of wearing my hair in plaits with a parting down my scalp exposed to the sun, and ended up in agony over the top of my head. This can even happen in the UK (yes you heard correctly). Due to the way that the sea reflects the sun’s rays, the UV is much more harmful, making the chances of sunburn, dehydration, or heatstroke much more likely. 

Surf bucket hats not only look great, but protect you from any of this happening, with a helpful chin strap to keep it on you at all times. 

If you know anyone who is constantly underestimating the dangers of the sun, this may be the perfect gift for them.

We’ve written about the best hats for surfing in another article.

Wetsuit hanger

Our recommendation: c-Monsta
Check price on Amazon 

Wetsuit Hanger C-Monsta

Developed in chilly Scotland, these wetsuit hangers are incredibly convenient to allow your wetsuit to dry away from your other belongings while you get changed, much reducing any additional washing and drying time.

It may be tempting to simply bring a clothes hanger… which you are welcome to try! But a wetsuit hanger specifically is strong enough to take the weight of a wetsuit full of water, and have a large gap for the wetsuit to be folded over and hung on.

The c-monsta wetsuit hanger knows what we UK surfers need, somewhere to also dry our gloves and booties as quickly as possible. 

Wetsuit gloves

Our recommendation: C-Skins Wired gloves
Price: From £49.99 – View on Ann’s Cottage

Surf wetsuit gloves

Another gift perfect for the winter months.

Just like your feet can freeze up when surfing, so can your hands! A good pair of neoprene gloves will protect your hands from cold water and wind, giving you extra headspace to focus on the waves.

Gloves tend to come in standard S, M, L and XL, so sizing shouldn’t be too much of a problem, just make sure they are relatively tight-fitting. 

Our recommendation for thickness would be about 3mm thickness to ensure that you still feel comfortable and flexible with decent grip. 5mm isn’t really necessary for UK winters.

Portable pressure hose

Our recommendation: Dr. Prepare Camping Shower
Check price on Amazon

Portable Shower

Climbing into your car with salt water crusted in your hair and skin, sand wedged into every pore on your body, and a salty wetsuit thrown onto the backseat is not fun.

The drive home is always unpleasant when you haven’t showered the sea off yet, so a portable hose is a perfect gift for sheer convenience and comfort. 

It is much more satisfying to head home in warm, comfy clothes with clean hair, reflecting on the great waves you’ve just caught. A portable hose with a showerhead is perfect for cleaning the sea off, and can be taken with you anywhere.

If you’re camping for a few days, the shower is a great way to rinse your gear at the same time as yourself, which will help stop the salty water ruining your wetsuit.

Waterproof seat cover

Our recommendation: Northcore seat covers
Price: From £34.99 – View on Northcore

Waterproof seat cover

If you know someone who drives down to the beach to surf, or are lucky enough to have their own van, waterproof seat covers are a necessity for keeping everywhere clean and comfortable. Not to mention, saltwater is incredibly damaging to fabric, so if you’re planning on selling your vehicle at any point, you really need to make sure that you’re protecting it from your damp clothes and surf accessories. 

Even to the most careful surfer, during colder weather, it is incredibly difficult to ensure that you have everything fully dry before leaving the beach. These are also great for furry friends who love the water, so are super useful gifts even for someone who isn’t constantly surfing!

Rash vest

Our recommendation: Quiksilver Arch This
Price: From £28.95 – View on Quiksilver

Quiksilver Mens Rash Vest

Not just your eyes and feet, but surfing can take its toll on your skin too. Rash vests are designed to protect surfers from the rough wax on their boards, the heat of the sun’s rays, any chafing from the wetsuit, and any sand which can be an irritant too. You generally want your rashie to feel tight to your skin, meaning that in cherished warm, summer months, you can wear it instead of a wetsuit and still be protected from the many discomforts that the sea can bring.

If you’re thinking of getting someone a rash vest as a gift, the great thing is that they come in an endless range of sizes and patterns, so it can be a thoughtful option – chosen as something that they would really like.

We’ve reviewed all the best rash vests in another article.

Surf bikini

Our recommendation: Vivida Lifestyle Bikinis
Price: From £28 – View on Vivida

Surf Bikini

Not too dissimilar in price from regular bikinis, a surf bikini is a great gift for female surfers. Specifically designed with surfing in mind, these are much more functional yet fashionable options for the strenuous demands of surfing, meaning that there won’t be any embarrassing slips or general discomfort when wearing one on a surfboard. When finding a size, it is always best to remember that you don’t want it to slide anywhere, therefore you should always opt for a slightly smaller size than usual. 

A lot of Vivida’s designs are sturdy and will stay securely on, rather than the flimsy, thin-strapped options that you might find. Surf bikinis are a much more flattering option to take beach photos in, much easier to wash and dry afterwards, and come in so many different patterns and colours that you can choose one that you know someone will really like. 

Vivida’s lines are all made from recycled plastic bottles, making them a perfect sustainable present for any planet-loving surfer, which, let’s face it, most are.

Flip flops

Our recommendation: Foamlife Flip Flips
Price: From £29.99 – View on Foamlife

Foamlife Flip Flops

Perfectly designed for all day long comfort, flip flops are a gift that can never really go wrong for surfers. They make showering easier and let your feet breathe while mooching about on the beach. In Australia, they are nicknamed thongs, which can bewilder tourists from other countries, but makes a great anecdote to put in your card alongside the gift! 

For surfers, flip flops allow them to connect to the beach by feeling the sand between their toes, while adding a bit of protection. While that may be true, they are also a great gift for the sheer convenience of them!

Wetsuit hood

Our recommendation: C-Skins Legend Hood
Price: From £29.99 – View on Wetsuit Centre

C-Skins Legend Surf Hood

Brain freeze is not an issue that is restricted to eating too much ice cream in a short space of time. Diving into cold water, even if you are kitted out with the thickest wetsuit, gloves, and boots, without an adequate wetsuit hood, you are certain to find yourself with a painful cold headache. Not only this, but a lot of heat is actually lost from the top of your head, so keeping it firmly insulated is vital to keeping the rest of your body warm. 

Made from neoprene fabric just like wetsuits, it prevents harmful UV light from getting to your head, and can be effective in preventing surfer’s ear as well.

This makes a hood a great gift for much of the year for UK surfers. 

Waterproof key pouch

Our recommendation: Aquapac Keymaster
Price: From £16.99 – View at Aquapac 

Waterproof Key Pouch

One of the first times I ever went surfing, I left my boyfriend’s car keys with a stranger on the beach, meaning that I had a very nerve-wracking session in the water, unsure if when I got back his car would still be there. (He is still blissfully unaware that this ever happened).

The issue when getting ready to go surfing is that you pile your clothes and belongings into the car, get ready to head out to the ocean with nothing in your hands… when you realise that there is nowhere for you to put your actual car keys. 

A waterproof key pouch is a simple and inexpensive gift that allows you to simply throw it in, zip it up, and run out to the waves, therefore avoiding the stressful experience that I had to go through with a (thankfully kind) stranger.

Surf wax remover

Our recommendation: Pickle Wax Remover
Check price on Amazon

Surf Wax Remover

It is highly important to stay on top of removing your surf wax regularly. Even though applying the wax in the first place is essential for keeping a grip on your board, when it becomes old and used, its efficiency wears off. It is therefore good practice to regularly apply wax, then wax remover, to add a new fresh layer of wax on.

This pickle wax remover is eco-friendly, as it comes in entirely biodegradable packaging, is non-toxic, and is actually hand made from recyclable materials. Buying this as a gift for someone is touching and helpful, as it is something that every surfer needs, and getting them a good brand that cares about the environment is a nice thought too.


Our recommendation: Lifejacket Sun Gel
Price: From £14 – Buy on Lifejacket

Lifejacket Surf Sunscreen

We are now getting the stocking filler and small gifts for surfers.

We’ve established how harmful the sun’s UV is when in the water, so a good sunscreen is a surfer’s best friend to keep skin safe. An SPF 50 is essential in my opinion, as anything less will simply not offer enough protection, even on an overcast day.

Even if you aren’t too worried about burning a little, the ageing effects of the sun are so fierce that no anti-ageing cream will be able to combat at a later date, so it’s best to invest in sunscreen now! Lifejacket’s formula is non-greasy and lightweight, so is unlikely to cause any irritation if the person you are buying for has sensitive skin. Most importantly, it’s completely water-resistant, so will stay on while you surf.

You might like to read our blog about the best sunscreen for surfers

Wetsuit cleaner

Our recommendation: Coco Loco
Check price on Amazon

Wetsuit Cleaner

Wetsuits need to be cleaned and looked after properly.

Just like your normal clothes, a rinse with water sometimes isn’t sufficient, and they need to be cleaned with a wetsuit specific cleanser. This is to make sure that they stay free from odours and bacteria, which increases the lifespan of your kit, making it worth the money in the long run. 

It isn’t ever recommended to put your wetsuit in the washing machine; just a simple soak in freshwater and some of this cleanser is all that is needed. Chances are, the surfer you are buying for is constantly using this (or should be), so it makes an easy, useful gift.

Surf inspiration book

Our recommendation: Let my people go surfing
Check price on Amazon

Book for surfers

The only thing that surfers want to do when they aren’t surfing is talk about surfing. Even on land, the obsession never stops. This is why this surf inspiration book is a really sweet present that even people who aren’t keen on reading will love to receive… purely because it’s about surfing. 

Our recommendation is written by the owner of Patagonia, in which he shares a lot of his persistence in building one of the most environmentally responsible businesses on earth. This resonates with a lot of surfers too, as the whole message is about connecting with nature and looking after it.

Emergency repair kit

Our recommendation: Solarex epoxy repair
Check price on Amazon

Emergency repair kit

Over time, surfboards can become damaged in some way or another, and looking after them can become almost as important as looking after another human being. 

Pressure dings are the most common type of damage that they encounter, which are essentially dents in the epoxy or fibreglass of the board. When this happens, they can be fixed, and I would recommend picking up some of this repair resin to do so. Buying a surfer something like this shows that you are looking out for their board, which they will truly appreciate.

Car/van air freshener 

Our recommendation: California Scents
Check price on Amazon

Car Scents

This one seems fairly self-explanatory, but trips back and forth with damp clothes, wetsuits and more in your car can leave a smell that really lingers. A good car or van air freshener counteracts any nasty odours and freshen up your car nicely. 

This is a simple but nice idea for anyone who you may know that struggles to keep their car feeling clean, particularly in summer when it can be particularly stuffy. I recommend this cherry scent as it is long-lasting but not too overpowering.

Van/car dehumidifiers

Our recommendation: ANSIO dehumidifier pack
Check price on Amazon

Car Dehumidifier

If it is mostly stuffiness and humidity in the car that the person you are buying for seems to struggle with the most, perhaps it would be better to look at getting them a dehumidifier instead. 

After such an intense sport as surfing, cars or vans can tend to get quite hot and steamy, and with the damp wetsuit and equipment in there too, it really can get humid! It’s important to stay on top of this, so a dehumidifier is a nice gift to do so.

Coldwater surf wax

Our recommendation: Mrs Palmers
Check price on Amazon

Surf Wax

For a cheap and easy stocking filler type of present, surf wax is always a great idea. Mrs Palmers is a reliable brand among surfers, and gives a super sticky wax that won’t wear off even after a particularly long surf session. It works well, even in the depths of winter, and consistently provides you with a great grip. If buying for someone else, they would definitely appreciate you going with a well-known favoured brand.

And there we have the conclusive list of the best gift ideas for surfers! 

Hopefully from this you have found a bit of useful inspiration to pick something up that is genuinely useful and will be well appreciated. While there is definitely a lot to choose from on here, hopefully, it will set you in the right direction of knowing where to look… and if there’s too much to choose from, just revisit the list again the next time!

Written by Sally Devlin

About the author

Watersports Pro is managed by Ollie, who has been in the industry since 2007. A paddleboard and advanced windsurfing instructor, Ollie has travelled the world teaching these sports.

Now based on the South Coast of England, he shares his experience and knowledge on

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