Decathlon ITIWIT X100 Review

Decathlon ITIWIT X100-Kayak Review

The Decathlon ITIWIT X100 2-Man Kayak is a vibrant and practical watercraft that we put to the test on a lovely summer day in August. 

The bright colour is cheerful, yet the overall design is simple, clean and uncluttered. It’s an unpretentious, well built piece of kit and gave us great first impressions. 

Join us as we delve into the X100, from the rigid drop-stitch floor and comfortable seats, we review the features, assembly and padding prowess of this kayak.

We aim to provide an in-depth look at the ITIWIT X100, highlighting its strengths, limitations and overall performance. So, whether you’re a solo paddler seeking comfort or planning a tandem adventure with a friend, join us as we navigate through the features and experiences of this versatile kayak.

Decathlon ITIWIT X100 Overview

The ITIWIT X100 comes in 2 sizes, the 1/2 person, suitable for solo or tandem use and the larger 2/3 person, suitable for (you guessed it) 2 or 3 people.

Both models provide a great solution for entry level kayakers who are looking to explore calm waters in both safety and comfort.

  • Width – 103 Cm
  • Length – 365 Cm
  • Maximum Load – 200 Kg
  • Weight – 16 Kg

From £399.99 – Buy at Decathlon

Decathlon X100 Bag

Decathlon X100 First Impressions & Water Time

This review will take you through our journey from opening the kayak for the first time, assembling it, then we head into the water for a day of fun paddling near where we live in Chichester Harbour on the South Coast of England.


The kayak comes in a generously sized bag with useful backpack straps.

The bag itself is lightweight which is important for keeping the overall weight down, however for that same reason it feels less durable than the more robust water sport kit bags we’ve tested. I also think the addition of a Velcro or zip pocket to securely stow fins would be useful.

Nevertheless, the bag is fit for purpose and easy to get the rolled kayak in and out of.

Once out of the bag, there are just a few pieces to assemble.

Drop stitch rigid floor

The floor (or bottom) of the kayak is a detachable, fully drop stitched piece that fits inside the tubes of the kayak.

Drop stitch technology allows for greater air pressure and therefore rigidity, making it more efficient in the water.

Drop stitches are more commonly used in SUP (stand up paddleboard) designs as crafts need to stay rigid under the small surface area of someone standing in the middle. It’s cool to see this utilised to improve inflatable kayak performance as well. 

We found it easiest to locate the valve on this bottom piece and attach the pump before inserting it into the deflated tubes.

We then pumped the floor to recommended 5 PSI, which is a really decent high pressure for an inflatable in this price range, giving solid integrity to the bottom of the boat.     

Once the bottom is fully inflated, there is one valve for each side chamber located on either side.

These are each inflated to 3 PSI which took just a few minutes each, depending on how aggressive your pumping action is!

Decathlon X100 ITIWIT Review

Pump it up!

The kayak doesn’t come with a pump, however, we had a wing foil pump knocking around in the van which worked perfectly. It’s always good if you can use kit for multiple purposes, to save collecting hundreds of items in the shed. I speak from experience!

A quick note for peace of mind, immediately after inflating we noticed a whistling sound coming from the kayak and were worried that there was a hole somewhere.

However, the side tubes are actually fitted with pressure release valves to correct over-inflation, and this is the sound that we were hearing.

I have previously burst an inflatable kayak by leaving it out in the sun too long, so though I endeavour not to repeat this mistake, I am reassured that the pressure release feature on this craft will massively reduce that risk.  

The Decathlon ITIWIT X100 tubes are made of a tough PVC outer skin which negates the need for a textile cover as with some other rigid inflatable kayaks. After a quick wipe down with a towel or a short time in the sun, it’ll be ready to put away.

This decreased drying time means the kayak is less likely to sit wet and grow mould when not being used. It all feels really robust and could cope with a few bumps into rocks, jetties and harbour walls.

There is no textile to snag or catch on rough surfaces.

Comfortable seats & positioning

The ITIWIT X100 kayak seats are in themselves inflatable. The seats have a different, smaller pump valve than the main chambers, so make sure you have this attachment if you’re not planning to use the ITIWIT branded pump.

When pumped up, the cushion gives a significantly raised seat compared with other kayak seats that are made from foam.

The superior seat position is more comfortable for many people than sitting low in the boat; it also gives the paddler a better reach, which is useful as this kayak has especially wide side tubes.

The kayak itself has a deliberately flat and wide bottom for stability, so the proud seat does not pose a stability issue, though it may feel a little strange to begin with if you are used to something with a lower profile.

The back rest is easily adjusted with straps that attach to buckles on the side tubes. We set them up on land but then readjusted the tension while seated on the water to find the perfect support.

The inflatable seats also pack away smaller than the textile equivalents, making it easy to get everything back in the bag and tucked into the boot of the car. 

The other advantage is the drying time. 

Foam kayak seats can often take days to dry hanging on a line, while these can take just a few minutes after a wipe down on a warm day.

Velcro strips run the length of the kayak floor, meaning you can easily position the seats depending on if you are setting up for solo or tandem use. It’s also possible to consider extra legroom for the longer legged partner in the boat. 

It is not the most generously sized 2 person kayak out there, but it’s certainly comfortable enough for two people on short tours for which it was designed. 

It’s a great compromise between being a compact boat which can be easily lifted in and out of the water, while being spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 2 users and a small day bag.

Decathlon X100 Luggage & Legroom

Luggage space

The rear deck provides a modest space for equipment depending on how far back you have positioned the rear seat. 

There is a luggage net on top of the splash deck which can accommodate the pump if you want to paddle with this on board.


3 equally sized fins to affix to the bottom of the kayak. This is done very easily by sliding them into position and locking with the pin. 

The wide flat bottom of the ITIWIT X100 provides excellent stability at the expense of tracking (which is forward motion in the water). 

These tracking fins (also known as skegs) help to re-establish the tracking of the kayak. 

Decathlon X100 Fins

We tested this kayak close to shore as part of a fun afternoon at the beach with family and friends and hastened to acknowledge that we should have been wearing life jackets. 

On this occasion we only brought one for the nipper, but would recommend life jackets for adults, especially when embarking on a tour.

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For the single user

We tried the kayak for single use first. The kayak was easy to carry to the water using the robust handles on the side tubes.

Climbing in from shallow water felt very stable, as did stepping down into the boat from a jetty. 

It was comfortable as a solo vessel as even the long-legged user can stretch out. We quickly realised that we would need a longer paddle to use this kayak in future. 

Even with the raised seat profile, the wide tubes mean you need a greater reach to get the paddle blades in the water.

The kayak has very good manoeuvrability for a solo paddler, though we found the glide was limited.

This vessel was built for comfort rather than speed, so you should aim to enjoy your time on the water, rather than win any races!

Decathlon X100 Kayak

For tandem use

When set up for tandem use, the best legroom is in the front of the kayak, however there is still plenty of space in the rear seat for a couple of comfortable hours paddling. 

If lots of legroom is important to both you and your paddling partner, the ITIWIT X100 2/3 person touring kayak used as a tandem might be a better bet.

Another shout out now for the raised inflatable seats. Due to being sat a little higher than on the average kayak seat, you remain raised above any water that has accumulated in the boat. So, if a dry bottom is important, then this is a great feature.

Although this is the 1/2 person ITIWIT X100, we had great fun with a 3rd mini companion on board.

If you have a littlun that is still too small for their own seat, then this is a great sized kayak for introducing them to water sports on calm waters. The characteristic stability of the vessel goes a long way to making the whole family feel comfortable.

Drain plugs located in the middle and rear of the kayak made emptying out water very straight forward. 

Without this feature, you can spend a long-time chasing water up and down an upturned boat. 

We removed the fins with no trouble at all by releasing the pins and sliding them out. 

The pins are attached to the fins themselves by a small piece of cord, so there is no danger of dropping/ losing them in the shingle.

Decathlon X100 Family

Parts and spares

Decathlon sells the X100 with no paddle or pump, so bear that in mind if this is your first kayak purchase.

Although you hope that no harm comes to your favourite piece of water sports equipment, losses and accidents do happen overtime. I am glad to see that Decathlon sells spare parts and accessories for their kayaks.

This includes major parts like new drop stitch inflatable floors, as well as small pieces like the odd lost buckle. Touches like this make these products much more sustainable because throwing out whole kayaks due to one irreparable part is a terrible waste of materials.  

From £399.99 – Buy at Decathlon

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