Best Balance Boards in the UK For Training and Recovery 

Best balance boards in the UK reviewed

Life is all about balance right?

We’re here to celebrate and explore the ethos of bringing physical balance harmoniously into all areas of your holistic health. 

Balance boards are a foolproof way of synergistically blending your real-life board skills and fitness training for your chosen action sport. 

Listen up, Surfers, Skateboarders, Wake Boarders, Snow Boarders, Wake Surfers, Snow Skiers, Long Boarders, Surf Skaters, Crossfitters, Gymnasts, Tennis Players, Swimmers Water Skiers, Wind Surfers, Kite Boarders, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Runners, Cyclists and Foil Boarders – balance boards can improve your sport performance. 

In this guide, we’re going to look at the best balance boards in the UK and review them within different categories. 

What are balance boards?

Balance boards are nifty bits of home balance equipment that help train your mobility, strength, balance, motor skills and proprioception without even being on the water. Balance boards became popular with surfers and other watersports athletes to complement their balance and stability training off the water. 

They usually consist of a wooden board in an oval, square or oblong shape that is placed on top of a plastic or wooden roller, an inflatable ball, or a cushion, varying in shape and size, to balance the board on. The user then stands on the board on top of the balancer and attempts to keep both sides suspended off the ground. 

As you move further up the rankings of balance boards, the designs get more advanced and more intricate. You can have ultra-long rectangle shapes, smaller disc shapes, and also surfboard shapes. As the board shape changes, what you’re able to do on them changes too. For instance, longboards are good for practising hanging 5 or hanging 10.

It depends on which company you buy from, but most boards try and specialise in a certain type of training, for instance, core-specific, balance-specific, lower body-specific, or beginner appropriate, so read up on what the balance board you are looking at specialises in.

What are the benefits of balance boards?

When it comes to positive reasons to get yourself on a balance board, you aren’t going to need much persuading. They are an all round fitness blender of strength and stability.

Here are the best benefits of balance boards:

  • They’re great for drills and repetitive skills training for action sports, as you can’t always precisely emulate these conditions on the water
  • Balance boards make you weight bear on an unstable surface, increasing the muscle capability of the ankle, making you more nimble and agile on other unstable surfaces
  • Amazing for the rehabilitation of ankle injuries
  • Integral to increasing balance and coordination 
  • Encourage postural changes like sitting and standing taller
  • Force you to immediately engage your core 
  • Extra calorie burner in comparison to regular strength training as you have to work harder to balance on the board on top of the strength work 
  • Balance boards are fun! You’re less focused on the hard work you’re doing and more on enjoying the moment, this is turn will increase your concentration levels and make other stresses float away 
  • Activate your pelvic floor muscles as it uses the deeper layers of the abdominal muscles to stabilise you, thus in turn training your pelvic floor
  • Balance boards are a challenge! Upgrade your training to challenge yourself. You’re more likely to use it often as it’s fun and a challenge 
  • You can train indoors and outdoors even when the waves are flat or conditions aren’t good for your chosen action sport
  • It’s social – you can use them with friends and teach each other new tricks on the balance boards, and when you get good, try and ride one together. 

Best balance boards in the UK 

We are going to explore the best balance boards on the UK market in the following categories: best for surfers, best for recovery, best for beginners, best for core strength, best for runners, most challenging balance boards, best budget balance board, best balance board for kids, and best high-end balance board.

Indo Original 

Best Overall Balance Board 

Indo Board are the staple brand in the diet of balance boards. Their designs are faultless, purpose-built and multi-functional and quite frankly the coolest on the market in our opinion. 

Indo Balance Board

They offer a massive range of boards with funky, surf-style prints and patterns that you’ll want to show off in your living room. Indo boards get taken on van camping trips, and surf holidays, and are used at wake parks to warm up. You might have seen the brand before at your local watersports centre.

We have chosen the Indo Board Original balance board as the best overall balance board. 

Here’s why: Like all Indo Board options you can choose between having the durable roller or the Indo Flow cushion, or both and progress and chop and change between the two depending on your goals. 

The original makes you feel super safe, whilst also challenging your balance, stability and muscles. You will progress quickly and soon learn how interchangeable the skills the Indo board gives you will help your other board sports. 

One of the best bits of the Original Indo Board is how wide and comfortable the board feels when you’re riding it, perfect for all bodies and shapes with options to progress onto smaller dimension boards like the Mini Pro.  

There is nothing bad to say about the Indo Board Original Board, try it with the roller or the cushion and discover thousands of training options beneath your feet.


  • Simple, stable, wide and the easiest balance board to learn and thus progress on. 
  • Includes free Indo Fitness Chart
  • Choose from a variety of stunning graphics designs
  • Features ‘Bonaire sea turtle conservation’ design where a portion of the proceeds help the sealife on Bonaire island
  • The team are super happy to help you decide which one suits your needs best
  • 4% of our Original Whale Shark net sales go to The Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP)
  • Super innovative brand and eco-conscious designs
  • Perfect for improving your board and other sports performance
  • You can also use your roller as a foam roller alternative! Two for the price of one!
  • Great to use with free weights 


  • As with all balance boards, the Indo boards do come with an injury risk, but this is unavoidable in the balance board market.

Price – Original starts at £160
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Rev Balance Swell 2.0

Best for surfers

The Rev Balance Swell board is engineered specifically for surfing and SUP. 

Rev Balance Swell 2.0

Designed to help you find your flow on the land and then seamlessly transition to the water, the Rev Balance Swell board is something really special.

Designed for both expert riders and beginner shredders. The designers of the Swell board are real-life watersports gurus and know exactly which skills you need to attain to assist your on-water shredability. 

The board is unique in the fact that the length of the roller is extended past conventional balance board dimensions meaning you can travel in any direction for more challenge and variation. Attempt to hop on and shred sideways to emulate the workings of a smaller surfboard or sup. Try side-to-side or heel-to-toe directions. 

The board features a totally groundbreaking adjustable magnetic roller stop system to change the difficulty for different users or different tasks.  The roller stoppers are held in place by magnets and are interchangeable. 

Beginners: Start slow by creating a shorter distance between the rollers

Intermediate: Create larger gaps between the rollers for more of a challenge

Advanced: remove the roller stoppers altogether, simply by unclamping the magnets 

The deck isn’t serrated and gritty like some boards so it can be used with or without shoes, as it has a super non-slip grip deck. 


  • Designed for both experts and beginners
  • Super strong and robust materials without being heavy
  • No grip tape means you or your stuff won’t get scratched by the deck
  • Adjustable rollers to alter the difficulty from beginner all the way up to expert
  • Can be used on all surfaces, grass, carpet, hardwood flooring 
  • Comes with an app and training guide to help you find the best surf-supported exercise for your sport
  • The only variable heel-to-toe balance board on the market at present 
  • Super innovative brand and designs 


  • Light, but larger-sized roller, which may inhibit travelling with it

Price – Approx £257
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Amazon Basics Wobble Balance Board

Best for budget & beginners

A circular designed board with a sundial design on top and a circular balance pod on the bottom.

Amazon Balance Board

We found this board very easy and accessible balance trainer option for beginners due to the non-rolling/non-roller element. The board only allows you to move within the range of movement of the attached pod.

Beginners should begin by holding a wall or a partner to start with to get the balance of the Amazon basics balance board.

Easily challenge your balance and improve your core and lower body strength by simply standing on the board. And skyrocket your strength by using it for glute bridges, planks, push-ups and squats if you dare.

The reason this balance board is best for beginners is how small the range of movement is in comparison to other boards and the height you are suspended off the ground. 


  • Box ticking entry-level beginner board, a great option to get confident and started on a budget 
  • A good option for kids’ presents 
  • Works on all surfaces, hard floors, grass, carpet etc
  • Supports up to 120kg
  • Comes in a variety of colourways, not just black, they have purple, blue and red options too
  • Only one piece of equipment, no rollers or balls to remember 
  • Non-slip grip and no “rolling” element for limited injury risk


  • Hard to progress
  • Not an elite sporting level board
  • Limited range of movement once you’ve nailed the basics

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Cool Board – Board & Disc

Best for core strength 

Fancy a fearsome core workout? Get on a Cool Board ASAP.

Cool Board - Board & Disc

Featured above is our Cool Board with a ball option as one of the most challenging boards on the market. For the core strength award, we have also selected Cool Board – but this time it’s the Cool Board with a disc option. 

Using the Cool Board with the discs is a fantastic way to train your core in everyday life, or to add it to your training program. 

The Cool Board makes you feel like you’re fully shredding in 3D in the comfort of your own home, the disc is still a real challenge and you have to work to find isolated stability and midline control to win the fight over the board, much like real board sports when you’re attempting to stand on the board with the disc underneath. 

The Cool Board with the disc can also be used at a standing desk, ensuring you’re working your core all day long. 

The Cool Board features a 360-turning circle meaning you can truly re-create the feeling of shredding like regular board sports at home

Some core exercises to do with your Cool Board using the disc:

  • Plank (Hands Elevated)
  • Plank (Feet Elevated)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Seated Boat Pose
  • Seated V Up
  • Overhead Squats
  • Side Planks


  • Turn your standing desk into a core workout and use the disc and board underfoot whilst at a desk
  • Safer introduction to the world of balance boards using the disc to help activate your core
  • Low impact on joints unlike other sports like running and CrossFit
  • Resistance training for joints and bones
  • Motor skills and proprioception
  • Beautifully handmade in the UK with Eco wood 
  • Soft but durable EVA pad for comfort and grip
  • Stand out graphics 
  • Full 360 turning circle


  • Due to the larger turning circle, the board is more challenging than other brands, but this is what makes it such a great challenge

PriceStarting at £132.95

Saltrock – Saltrocker Balance Board

Best quality budget balance board

Saltrock designed this balance board to boost leg strength and improve surfing power. The Saltrocker not only has a brilliant name but ticks all the boxes for sublime surf and balance training. The super simple and well-thought-out design makes your entry-level balance board work for your goals. 

Saltrock balance board

The board isn’t too challenging and leaves lots of room for improvement, to pump up your surfing and board skills power. 


  • Funky, in-fashion Saltrocck surf logo design
  • Grippy deck
  • Small and transportable; take it on your surf trip!
  • Safety chock blocks on each end to limit rolling completely off one side
  • Best you can get for a brilliant price


  • A slightly smaller deck and slightly smaller roller than the higher priced boards, and larger frames might find it more restricting

Price – £60

The Decathlon Balance and Motor Skills Board 

Best for Kids

What a winning product. It’s the best balance board out there for kids, decathlon has nailed it.

Decathlon Balance Board

Designed for 1-6 year olds to promote motor skills and muscular strength, proprioception and balance in a safe and functional way.

The Decathlon balance and motor skills board is a U-shaped wooden rocker board where the child can stand on the board and start to rock it by shifting their weight from one foot to another. 

The simple design does what it says on the tin and only has one element to it, no extra rollers, rockers, balls or inflatable cushions. There is minimal faff and prep time, and quite frankly, fewer things to lose!

The rocker doesn’t let the child rock too far from side to side and keeps them within a safe limit whilst letting them explore their body’s limits and get creative with their movement. 

When they’re done, the balance board can be used as a reinforced hammock to take a blanket and a book into and relax. The perfect all-weather holiday toy to bring with you on family trips.


  • Super safe for little ones to freely play and experiment with their balance as the rocker has a limit to the height of its edges 
  • Harder to fall off and injure than other balance boards
  • Can be turned upside down and used to play with and crawl under
  • Will help build muscular skeletal control and develop motor skills from a young age
  • Encourages movement in the home and reduces screen time


  • Balance boards, no matter how safely they are made will always carry an injury risk, especially for unattended children


Indo Board Pro Series

Best high-end balance board

The Indo Board Pro series lets your creativity take charge. You can change the way you mount and ride the board, laterally, contralaterally, front, back, and reverse; the possibilities are endless. 

Indo Balance Board

The Indo Board Pro series features a larger wooden deck surface area in the shape of a longboard and has a larger roller so you’re further off the ground. The Pro line was designed for more advanced strength training movements such as weighted squats and lunges, and will also accommodate larger riders due to the bigger deck underfoot.

The Indo Board Pro Series comes in Pro size and mini size, find out which one suits your needs here. You can use the boards with the roller or the cushion.


A 360-degree moving inflatable plastic cushion that is very sensitive to micro muscle movements and will train the smaller stabilising muscle groups in your feet, legs and ankles, as well as the core, depending on what exercise you are doing on the board. The cushion keeps you close to the ground and is great for practising high-speed wobbling motions to train you for the water. 


The large black plastic roller ranges from 22cm in diameter and features plastic strips of grip tape to minimise the risk of the board rolling away. The roller is heavier and more substantial than other cheaper brands and features a gripper surface to keep you connected during your ride. The roller gives the rider a more smooth and rolling feeling when riding, meaning you can go to the edges of your movement more easily to replicate the real demands of true board sport.

The quality of the materials of this board is an obvious ranking above other balance board brands. Crafted from baltic birch plywood with a high-performance non-slip surface the Indo board not only looks but feels elite level.


  • Limitless potential and progress for all board skills
  • Used by the USA pro surf team. Expert and professional athletes can use this as a real training tool that replicates the snow, water and land
  • Amateur athletes will benefit infinitely from this one bit of kit;  from strength training, balance training, injury rehabilitation, flexibility, core and motor skills development  
  • Improve walking technique for hanging ten on surfboards and longboards alike 
  • Will accommodate taller and larger riders due to higher weight limits and larger surface areas


  • The pro series is a longboard style, and you may feel that this won’t help you develop your shortboard skills, but fear not the longboard design won’t hold you back and if you’re worried, kit yourself out with an Original Indo board & Pro series style

PriceStarting from £210

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